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In 1962, Rallye Productions Inc. was founded on the simple principles of high quality printed products combined with great service. These same principles are still our standard today.

Our father started his career as a journeyman Tool and Die maker, then moved on to begin Rallye Productions with help from our mother. His skill set for solving problems, and their focus on efficiency, have been passed on to us in the work that we carry on in this company today.

These skill sets allowed us to naturally expand into areas of industrial printing rather easily. Our company already produced hundreds of thousands of close registration promotional plaques on metal every year for automobile enthusiasts around the country, so printing on other types of metal and plastic hard goods was a natural fit for us.

Our ability to perform this industrial work efficiently and accurately, whether on prototypes, or production orders at high levels of expectation, gives us a real advantage over other industrial printers.

Our entrance into the digital printing and laminating areas expanded our opportunities further into variable data products, labels, industrial overlays, ID plates, and metal and plastic legend plates.

For over 20 years these areas of our company have grown primarily from word of mouth and recommendations to others. 
Welcome to our newest step forward…Rallye Productions “Industrial Division” website.

Brian Genrich
Rallye Productions Inc.
1-800-236-2036 x112

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