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Industrial labels are a professional yet cost effective way to brand your customer’s products at the time of assembly. They can be cut to any shape, and are available in a multitude of finishes including doming….which really gives the finished piece a high tech dimensional look. We can print and cut to your specifications, or we can offer recommendations based on your needs, and the environment the product will be used in.

Economy or Box Grade labels are another great way to brand or private label the packaging materials for your customer. Integrate full color logos and branding into the look of packing materials for a professional look.

Label Options
• Economy Grade General roll-stock (Good for bagging, marking stock, or coding).
• Full Color Digital or Screen Printed Vinyl (Advertising/Shipping Container Grade).
• Matte or Gloss Vinyl Laminated for UV Protection display labels.
• Gloss Polyester Laminated Safety Grade Labels.
• Textured Polycarbonate for heavy scuff and chemical resistance.
• Screen Printed Backlit.
• Digital Full Color.
• Epoxy and Urethane Domed Full Color or Screen Printed.
• RoHS compliant

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