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Case Studies

Do you have a small project that still needs to look like a finished production piece? Whether we’re manufacturing a single sample piece, or a 5,000 part production run, we use the same high quality materials and finishing procedures, guaranteeing the same quality fit and finish from prototype to production.

We can print on a variety of substrates such as…
• Wood
• Glass
• Plastics (multiple varieties of plain or painted, smooth or textured)
• Metals like Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, and Copper
• Plated, painted, and powder coated parts either textured or smooth
• Fabrics

Talk to us about your unique project, and we'll work through the details, and send you a great looking finished product.


HAZE inc

HAZE inc

Gabriel Haze came to us with an idea of creating a collector DVD and press kit for the band Dagnese. His concept required screen printing on to a metallic background and punching holes for hardware. After some back and forth with details, we were able to work out the best way to approach the project. He settled on using our standard .025 thick aluminum, with two PMS matches. Haze did the concept, design, and assembly of these, and created what I would consider a striking set of inserts for his customers’ press kit.


Sharp Packaging

Sharp Packaging had a project that they needed a full design layout for. We started with an undecorated machine, their logo, and the colors that they use throughout their product lines. They requested designs for all 4 sides of this machine so it would be recognized as the Sharp Hawk from any angle.

We took a set of measurements along with furnished pictures of the un-decorated machine, and designed a set of industrial overlays on our 3M vinyl with textured polycarbonate over-laminate material. We were able to super-impose the images over a supplied set of photographs for a proof prior to production.


Visa Lighting was looking for a metallic silver screen print on a furnished blue gift box. They needed the Oldenburg (Their parent company) logo directly on the top of the box, and had a very brief time window to work within.

When the sample boxes arrived, it was determined that the texture of the finish was too aggressive for direct screen printing. We came up with a suggestion of a screen printed domed oval shaped logo that integrated the Oldenburg name over reflective silver Polyester. Visa was concerned about this new approach, but gave us the go ahead after realizing that with such an abbreviated timeline, that we really had no other viable options. The labels were then Screen printed, cut and domed which gave them a very high class look.

Visa Lighting

Visa Lighting


Winco Stamping

Winco Stamping needed a screen printer that could reliably manage printing upwards of 50 different layouts on anywhere from a couple hundred to several thousand pre-formed stainless switch-plates. One of their requirements was to do a final inspection and packaging for their customer…saving them the inspection time.

Because of the quality and service provided on this project and other orders, we have become Winco Stampings“preferred” Screen printer.

Mathison Metal


Mathison Metal Fabricating was one of our first consistent Industrial accounts. We helped them out of a jam with a job that someone else ran for them where the ink was not sticking to the plating of the part. We offered to fix the parts by running them through a batch oven at no cost if they would allow us to quote the job for them in the future.

Not long after our first experience with them, they called us into a business meeting to discuss the opportunity that they had with a new client that made large boats.

This client wanted Mathison to manufacture their control panels, and they needed someone that could screen print on a texture painted surface, and have the order turned around in approximately 3 days from time the parts landed until they were ready for pickup. A typical order was from 10-50 parts, and they had dozens of different drawings. We felt that we would be able to service them at this level, and were able to deliver on the promise. We have been working closely with Mathison Metal Fab since 1999.

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