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Awards & Testimonials

Golden Squeege Award Winners

The Golden Image is a technical competition, excluding aesthetic issues from the judging process. Prints are judged on difficulty level and quality of execution by a global panel of peers. 3 awards were given out per category during the years Rallye Productions participated.

Metal Signs/Products Category

1990 Category Sweep :
Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards

1991 Category Sweep :
Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards

1993 Silver Award

1994 Gold and Bronze Awards

1995 Gold Award

Golden Image Awards6.jpg



"Rallye Productions has proven to be a key vendor over the years.  Creating decals and safety labels for our industrial packaging machines was originally an exhaustive process with little flexibility once the design was complete.  After partnering with Rallye, their ability to visualize, organize and present design proposals has provided Sharp with a significant cost reduction along with a faster time to market.  As a design matures, Rallye has shown over and over their flexibility to accurately perform design changes in part due to a higher level of technology such as CNC cutting systems allowing Sharp to submit vector CAD files to be used as the profile cut to ensure the decals are manufactured right the first time."

Jeramy W. Williams, Director of Engineering, Sharp Packaging Systems, LLC.


As an independent freelance designer I am not always offered all the tools at my fingertips when it comes to project completion. Research, constant phone calls and brainstorming are necessary to get a final product out to the masses at a reasonable price with high quality.
It was after getting several rude responses from industry professionals who had little patience with designers that I ran into Brian from Rallye Productions, a man whom without hesitation made patience and courtesy his number one priority. He was able to guide me into a cost effective approach by listening to my needs. Unlike businesses that only think about money, Brian didn't try to force higher priced items or sneak in hidden fees, his work was honest, efficient, high-quality and above all else deserving of repeat business. You don't find personalities like this often and Brian makes projects big or small a worthwhile adventure. 

Gabriel Haze
Award-Winning Image Development, Video Directing/Editing & Multi-Media Design

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